Products: Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Model No.: TP08

Solar Powered Wireless Tyre Pressure Monitoring System


Solar panel power supply
Alert for fast tyre air leaking
Configurable for high / low pressure alert
USB charging if no solar power source
● Pressure and temperature alert
● Selectable pressure unit(PSI | BAR)
● Selectable temperature unit(°C | °F)
● Configurable for high / low temperature alert
● Easy sensor included in the monitor
● Automatic white and red backlight
● Rechargeable lithium battery
● Display four tires' temperature and pressure simultaneously
wireless tire pressuer monitoring system, solar powered TPMS
tire pressure sensors

TPMS Display Screen

TPMS display screen


● Radial acceleration sensor, temperature sensor, supply voltage sensor
● Embedded 8051 compatible 8-bit microcontroller
● 6KB on-chip FLASH memory
● 256Byte RAM
● 315 and 434MHz FSK/ASK RF-transmitter
● 125KHz ASK high-sensitivity LF-receiver
● Advanced power control/wake-up system to minimize battery consumption
● Ultra low standby current

tpms, solar powered tyre pressure monitoring system

Technical Properties:

Display Specs:

 Temperature Setting Range   -20°C--93°C
 Operation Temperature  -20°C--80°C
 Storage Temperature  -30°C--85°C
 Power Supply  DC 5V
 Frequency  RF433.92MHz
 Battery 400mAh, 3.7v, High temperature resistant: 80+/-5°C. Check more...
 Display  FSTN LCD(63*25/23*1.10Tmm), half penetration;
 LED backlight: red and white SMD, 68*22*2.2mm
 Size  87*73*35mm
 Weight  82g
 TPMS chip  ATA5428
 Solar Power supply   0.35w power, 5V

Sensor Specs:

 Pressure Range  1-4.5Bar(100kPa-450kPa);
 Temperature Setting Range   -20°C--93°C
 Operation Temperature  -20°C--80°C
 Storage Temperature  -30°C--85°C
 Power Supply  DC 5V
 Frequency  RF433.92MHz
 Battery  Lithium-Manganese Button Cell Battery
working temperature: -40°C--125°C
 contact part with tire stem  anti-erosion brass
 Size  21 x 20 mm (ø x h)
 Weight  82g
 TPMS chip  SP370-25-116-0
 Pressure Accuracy  +-1.5psi
 Temperature accuracy  +-3°C
 Transmission power  <=10dBm
 Standby Battery life  >=3 years

sensor battery:

● broad working temperature: -40°C to 120°C.
● wonderful leakproof in high temperature environment or high speed vehicles.
● Working well in 200G motion status(equal to vehicle in 300km/h speed)
 battery  Lithium-Manganese Button Cell Battery
 Voltage  3V
 Capacity(discharge to 2V with 15kΩ in 20°C)  560mAh
 size  24.5(-0.3)*5.0(-0.3)mm ø x h
 Battery weight   about 6.8g


size of tpms display             size for tpms sensors, tire pressure sensor

Benefit From Tyre Pressure Monitor

● Extend the life of the tire.
● Save your fuel consumption.
● Save your money.
● Control the tire pressure constantly.
● Release your attention from tire and more safety.
● No more tire break-ups due to running tires under inflated.

Packing Details(standard)

4 tire sensors + 1 monitor display in 1 box;

Standard accessories:

1 wrench | 4 nuts | 1 non slip mat |