Products: Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

TP09 TPMS product is designed for monitoring pressure and temperature of each tyre of cars, trucks, buses, OTR tires, etc. It will send out alarm in case of abnormal pressure and temperature to users or drivers for safety driving. Furthermore, Using this TPMS product can save fuel, prolong tyres life and make driving more comfortable.

Model No.: TP09

Solar Powered Wireless Tyre Pressure Monitoring System


Solar panel power supply
Alert for fast tyre air leaking
Configurable for high / low pressure alert
USB charging if no solar power source
● Pressure and temperature alert
 ● Selectable pressure unit(PSI | BAR)
● Selectable temperature unit(°C | °F)
● Configurable for high / low temperature alert
● Easy sensor included in the monitor
● Automatic white and red backlight
● Rechargeable lithium battery
● Monitors up to 34 tires simultaneously
● External RF433.92MHz antenna
High temperature resistant battery
             battery in TPMS sensor: 120°C
             battery in TPMS display: 80°C
wireless truck bus tyre pressuer monitoring system, solar powered TPMS

Compatible Vehicles Types:

car, van, bus, truck, trailer, etc.
vehcles supported by TPMS TP09

TPMS Display Screen

TPMS display screen


● Radial acceleration sensor, temperature sensor
● Embedded 8051 compatible 8-bit microcontroller
● 6KB on-chip FLASH memory
● 256Byte RAM
● 315 and 434MHz FSK/ASK RF-transmitter
● 125KHz ASK high-sensitivity LF-receiver
● Power control/wake-up system to minimize battery consumption
● Ultra low standby current

truck tpms, solar powered tyre pressure monitoring system

Technical Properties:

Display Specs:

 Temperature Setting Range   -20°C--93°C
 Operation Temperature  -20°C--80°C
 Storage Temperature  -30°C--85°C
 Power Supply  DC 5V
 Frequency  RF433.92MHz
 Battery 400mAh, 3.7v, High temperature resistant: 80+/-5°C. Check more...
 Display  FSTN LCD(63*25/23*1.10Tmm), half penetration;
 LED backlight: red and white SMD, 68*22*2.2mm
 Size  87*73*35mm
 Weight  82g
 TPMS chip  ATA5428
 Solar Power supply   0.35w power, 5V

Sensor Specs:

tire pressure sensors internal tpms sensors
 Pressure Range  1-13Bar(100kPa-1300kPa)
 Temperature Setting Range   -20°C--93°C
 Operation Temperature  -20°C--80°C
 Storage Temperature  -30°C--85°C
 Power Supply  DC 5V
 Frequency  RF433.92MHz
 Battery  Lithium-Manganese Button Cell Battery
working temperature: -40°C--125°C
 contact part with tire stem  anti-erosion brass
 Size  21 x 20 mm (ø x h)
 Weight  82g
 TPMS chip  SP370-25-116-0
 Pressure Accuracy  +-1.5psi
 Temperature accuracy  +-3°C
 Transmission power  <=10dBm
 Standby Battery life  >=3 years

sensor battery:

 • broad working temperature: -40°C to 120°C.
 • wonderful leakproof in high temperature environment or high speed vehicles.
 • Working well in 200G motion status(equal to vehicle in 300km/h speed)
 battery  Lithium-Manganese Button Cell Battery
 Voltage  3V
 Capacity(discharge to 2V with 15kΩ in 20°C)  560mAh
 size  24.5(-0.3)*5.0(-0.3)mm ø x h
 Battery weight   about 6.8g


size of tpms display

Benefit From Tyre Pressure Monitor

 • Extend the life of the tire.
 • Save your fuel consumption.
 • Save your money.
 • Control the tire pressure constantly.
 • Release your attention from tire and more safety.
 • No more tire break-ups due to running tires under inflated.

Packing Details(standard)

Standard accessories:

1 wrench | 4 nuts | 1 non slip mat |

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